Barbara Lohmann

Barbara Lohmann established her luxury clothing business in 1983. Lohmann produces her garments in Germany and Italy. She designs with comfort in mind which is evident in her soft, easy tailoring while utilizing the finest materials and feminine silhouettes. Lohmann strives for her line to be luxurious and unpretentious

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Fabiani Filippi

Fabiani Filippi represents the tradition of Italian craftsmanship and product excellence while producing a contemporary view of design. Filippi's modern style allows the sense of timeless beauty to be interpreted through the individual wearing their clothing. Filippi is both functional and aesthetically striking. Their attention to detail is both simple and understated.

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Lorena Antoniazzi

The luxury Brand, Lorena Antoniazzi, specializes in high-end knitwear.  It was born in Perugia in 1993 thanks to the passion and creativity of Lorena Antoniazzi and her husband, Luca Mirabassi.  Their talent and passion for fashion allowed them to bring life to a luxury clothing company defined by quality, elegance and style.

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Amina Rubinacci

Amina Rubinacci is the founder of this highly regarded Italian Fashion House in Naples, Italy. Rubinacci's elegant and easy-to-wear woolen garments are favorites of clients around the world. The specialty of Rubinacci is assuredly the beautiful sweater jackets. 

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Loro Piana

Loro Piana is known for impeccable craftsmanship and for using exquisite materials. The ultra-softness of the baby cashmere and the clean flowing lines, make Loro Piana the leader in women's apparel. Loro Piana is known for exquisite, easy-going separates that can be combined with more structured pieces or worn together for the ultimate in casual elegance.

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Herno's outerwear garments are symbols of exquisite workmanship and excellent taste. Herno, an Italian family company, has been producing these fine products for over seventy years. These items combine practical functionality with cutting-edge fashion. Herno has an extensive range of outerwear with the finest goose down to protect against inclement weather.

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Fifty Years of Italian Tradition

The strength of the Peserico collections resides in the quality production, featured by high craftsmanship with particular care for details. The Company has always been faithful to the made in Italy product featuring the best fabrications, expert tailoring with a focus on obtaining the perfect fit.

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Samantha Sung

Samantha Sung blends bold and unique print designs with silhouettes for the modern woman. A dress for all occasions, Samantha Sung dresses can be worn in the workplace, for a stroll in the park, and also for special occasions.

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A Tonet garment ideally expresses a way of being: a contemporary woman, attentive to her surroundings, refined. Tonet is constantly committed to ecological and bio-sustainable growth. TONET use only nickel-free accessories and natural yarns with low environmental impact.

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ANTONELLI is a total look Made in Italy “by women for women”. The collection is hallmarked by a novel stylistic vision that seeks a natural elegance and a discreetly Italian style that shuns excess.

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Tradition and crafts are visible in every KASH piece, integrating innovative and constantly developing manufacturing techniques.

The KASH style combines the elegance of the precious knitwear Made in Italy to the absolute quality of the raw material, cashmere.

We put all our experience at the service of a woman, eager to express herself through fashion, pursuing her  individuality.

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