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SINCE 1976

For Christine and John Roderiques, 1976 was the beginning of realizing their dream for having a retail store of their own.

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Early Years
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The Early Years

Christine and John moved to Chatham, the town where John was born and raised, to take care of his elderly mother. They were looking for a business opportunity where they could both work together. Miraculously, The Trading Company, which was essentially a jean store featuring recycled jeans, was for sale on Main Street in Chatham.

Without hesitation, they purchased the business and never looked back.


Christine and John gradually grew the business to become sophisticated, upscale, and fashion oriented. It took approximately fifteen years to go from recycled jeans to having European designer collections.

Fast forward an additional twenty six years and hence the 2017 celebration of forty one years in the business.

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In 1981, John’s daughter Kim, joined the family business. Christine and Kim work together full time at The Trading Company.

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